Intro to Me

Hello to everyone and anyone who is reading this, I am Xavier and this is my first time creating a blog and honestly I like to say that I am actually super excited to do this. I want to tell you guys a little about myself and cover some ground about the kind of person I am with some fun facts about myself. To start off, I was born and raised in Florida in a small town called. To give you and idea of how small of a town it actually is, our graduating class was about 167 kids and sometimes the towns next to us forget that we are even there. I come from a family of six, my mom was divorced with three kids of her own when she met my dad, and he married her and convinced her to have me.

Some other things about me is that I see myself as being above average in academics among other people, and I do know that there is an above average level of egocentric thinking that I have in me too. Few other things that I like to do in my free time are read comics, play video games, listen to music (I like most types of music out there), and watch movies. My favorite kind of movies are super hero movies, so it is pretty cool that there is such a boom in the production of those kinds of films. I do love reading also, one of my favorite series are the Percy Jackson series, and I am also a big fan of history and all the old religions and the concepts that people used to think in. I am a tech kind of guy, where I keep up with what is the best in the market nowadays. One of my favorite things to talk about is science and the idea of the biggest conspiracy theories in the world and the huge advancements in science, like the CERN project in Europe. I like thinking about what could happen if there was a boom in space travel and the scientific ways that it could happen. Space also something I like to talk about and the physics and science that goes behind the idea of all the unknown in space.

justice league photo My favorite types of comics are DC comics


2 thoughts on “Intro to Me

  1. Xavier, I really related to several things that you shared about yourself. I am also from a very small town and born/raised in Florida. my graduating class only had 67 kids in it, so don’t feel bad! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Bro, I love talking about all that sciency stuff. I get so lost in space and time conversations sometimes and as far as conspiracy stories go, I’m more of an “aliens are sooo real” kinda guy. So I feel ya, I feel ya.


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