One of the Best Comic Book to TV series

CW has made good as one of the few television channels that, in my opinion, makes some of the best tv shows on the air. One type of show that they seem to keep getting right is the comic-to-show adaptations when it comes to comics coming to the screen. With the giant boom in entertainment coming from comics, one of the first way was to put them on the tv first. With the giant viewer pool with shows like Arrow showed that people loved seeing their heroes in real life. With the growing demand for more movies that star comic book heroes, the comic company DC Comics cut a deal with CW and starting putting tv series out that starred comic adaptations left and right. They made shows like Super girl, Legends of Tomorrow, and arguably the best of them all, The Flash.

The Flash is has been one of the most praised CW comic book adaptation to screen, and my personal favorite. The reason why it is my favorite (No Spoilers) is due to the amazing directing and story that unfolds with the two seasons that CW has put out, with a third on the way. From the backstory, villains that Flash has to face, and the phenomenal character development shows why everyone loves seeing superhero tv shows. One of the greatest thing that the production team also decided to do was the crossovers that happened in the shows. When reading a DC comic, there were always surprise visits and the depth was nothing short of greatness. You could be reading a Flash comic and all of a sudden Batman comes along and has business that requires Flash’s help. The adaptation of the flash to TV was a big success and I am very excited to see him on the big screen in his own solo movie, even though it will not be the same actor as the one that portrays him in the tv show. If you are thinking of watching the show, or simply need something new to watch, I highly recommend CW’s The Flash or any of the company’s other comic inspired shows.flashmeetsbatman

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One thought on “One of the Best Comic Book to TV series

  1. I have always been a fan of DC comics. Flash is a character I admired growing up. I used to imagine the type of powers I would want to have if I were ever a super hero for DC comics and the ability to have super speed happened to be in my top five. Batman is also one of my all time iconic characters. Just like Batman someday I would like to see flash on the big screen in his own solo movie. Overall Cw’s The Flash comic book series would be highly entertaining to read if I came across a copy.


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