A Good Twist on A Classic Tale

url.jpg Book Cover for Marissa Meyer’s Cinder

At first glance the book, Cinder by Marissa Meyer was not usually something that would have caught my eye, but after a closer examination I can say that the book was a great tale based on the story of Cinderella. The story follows a young android in the future who is trust trying to make a living by being a mechanic in what is called “New Beijing.” The book dives right into the action after a short exposition of the main protagonist, Cinder, and her adventure begins when the prince of New Beijing comes to her with a unusual request that sets her on a rollercoaster of obstacles as she decides how to tackle the problems against her and as she finds out who she really is.

To start off my overall take from the book, I will start with the dislikes of the book. It is of course of an altered version of the classic Cinderella story and it does a good job of being a different version, but there were certain parts of the novel that just seemed to be plastered to the story just to make it sound more like a Cinderella story. An example is the “Pumpkin colored” car that Cinder finds in a junk yard. The car resembles the pumpkin that is turned to a carriage for Cinderella to take to the ball. The concept of the pumpkin car seems out of place in the book, just seems to be a last minute effort to emphasize the relation between Cinder and Cinderella.

What I really like about the novel itself is the futuristic aspect of it all. The setting and plot of the story is right up my science fiction alley. To the way that Meyer’s made the protagonist a cybernetic android and it is one of my biggest dreams to be able to see something that scientifically amazing. The idea of the inevitable challenges that the main protagonist faces as the whole story revolves only one single choice. The book was very well organized and the plot unfolding had me on edge for most of the story.

Word Count: 361


2 thoughts on “A Good Twist on A Classic Tale

  1. Unfortunately, I didn’t read Cinder. I wish I had because Ash wasn’t all that exciting for me. Plus the whole Fairy tale stuff just the complete opposite of what i like. In hindsight, reading about a cyborg in the future probably would’ve been much better.


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