The Big Question

First I want to say that I never really thought that I would be the kind of person that would blog in their life, I actually thought that it seemed pretty useless…until now. I had to start this blog because one of my professors required it for their class and I was not overjoyed with the idea that I had to keep track of my own blog throughout the semester. Now the semester is ending and I am coming to the decision on whether or not I should keep this blog after the class.

I do want to say that I am grateful for all of my eight followers and I am happy that there are people that agree with me and like the content that I produce on this blog. I have thought long and hard about what I should do and I have come to the decision that I do in fact love the aspect of blogging. So in that aspect I want to talk about the future of my blog and what kind of content I will probably post, and how frequently I will post.

I think about a lot of things and I am in college and I will experience so many new experiences that I will want to blog about what me and my roommates do in our time. I am a political science major and with the results of the U.S. presidential election and the overall current mood and atmosphere of the politics around the world, it will be a very exciting couple of years to see what happens in the world and discuss it with you guys. I will also be posting regularly and try my best not to move away from posting at least once a week on random things or basically whatever comes to my mind. Hope you guys stick around with me and I am glad to have had this experience with blogging.

We Can Do This!

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4 thoughts on “The Big Question

  1. I was not very fond of having to blog about things for a grade either, at the beginning. After the semester moved along, the blogging became kind of fun to do. By the way, I have enjoyed reading your blog. Good luck with exams!


  2. Blogging was never something I found fun either. However I too am still thinking about keeping my blog. I don’t know if I want to continue blogging or what I’ll do with it. I’ll decide soon enough I suppose.


  3. I did not know if I was going to like this experience either. Blogging has been a issue with me from the start. I have tried to understand why we have this blog but not much of this makes sense. This is my last post. I hope you enjoy your vacation!


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